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Telecommunications for Developing Business and Markets

UTS is a diversified telecommunications company providing both regulated (non-US) and unregulated telecommunications services through its wholly owned subsidiaries. These subsidiaries provide wireless and fiber related service, local exchange telephone services and wireless fixed communications services (non-US), as well IPTV, video, Internet and data services, long distance and international voice services, sale of telecommunications equipment, specialty image processing services and VOIP origination and termination services.

UTS is focused on the deployment of the latest generation of telecommunication technologies supporting high value added services. These services range from complex voice applications and call switching, to image data transformations, location based services and developing wireless and fiber infrastructure for future capacity. The company's mission is to bring the highest level of voice, video and data services to the end users which would enable a developing Business or Market to communicate and conduct business effectively.

UTS also has significant experience in the construction of fiber outside plants and the deployment of fiber based metro area data networks.

UTS assists with the construction, modification, and decommissioning of wireless network towers. While many of our projects are located within the nation, we also work internationally to wherever our project takes us. Let UTS assist you with your project today.


The company has strong core competencies to achieve its mission. UTS, Inc has an extensive experience and history with Information Technology, Telecommunications and E-Commerce design and deployment stretching over the past 30 years. Adding to our own experience, the company has strong partnerships and alliances with the premier equipment manufacturers in the industry that have proven track records in each of their respective fields.

Throughout the past 30 years, UTS, Inc principals have demonstrated expertise in managing both developing and substantial existing business operations. These business operations include technology, financial and manufacturing companies. The principal members of UTS, have been successful entrepreneurs for 25 years. Their successes include Real-estate Development and Sales, Business Development and Customer Relationship Management.

The company's principals have great depth in large scale corporate technology operations and the design and deployment of large scale, complex projects in telecommunications and Information Technology. Among the principals' academic and business background are advanced degrees in science and business. Chief among their business experience is 20 years of exposure to and management of several different types of businesses. Included in these are several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, successful small business enterprises and financial management of moderate size projects in the $5-20M range.


The company's Over The Horizon subsidiary provides both regulated and unregulated telecommunications services to end-user customers and other communications providers in developing countries. The Company offers a comprehensive suite of voice, video and data communications services based on the products and services required by each customer.

While many towers may need simply a maintenance check or some tuning, UTS can assist with wireless tower upgrades from 3G to 5G networks replacement of antenna to the modern standards. We also assist with everything from site clearing to zoning requirements for any new construction of size or scope. We have crews world wide that can work on any project no matter where your company wishes to expand to. Currently we have crews throughout the United States, South America, Mexico. Give UTS a call today to find out how we can assist your next wireless project.

Tower Services

Tower upgrade to modern standards

3G to 5G network upgrade

Ground-up construction

Tower decommissioning

Installation of antennas

Fiber OSP Construction

Metro Area Fiber Networks

Structural upgrades

Structural modifications

Installation of test lines

The Service Company sells and services telecommunications equipment and provides information services and Internet access to customers in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic states

The ImpactTel subsidiary Company offers resale of long distance and international service for calls placed to locations outside regulated telephone service area by telephone customers. This operation sells to end user customers as well as other internal business units.

The ImpactFax subsidiary provides an Fax image processing service to document intensive industries. Among them are RealEstate, Insurance and Medical businesses. This business unit specializes in both T.30 and T.38 fax protocol engines.

The Company provides boutique communication services to residential customers in 150 markets in the United States. Services include VoIP and Facilities based dialtone and home phone line service.

Impact Management provides labor and administrative support to all of the subsidiaries. As of Dec. 2018, 58 full-time equivalent employees work for Impact Management.

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